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Finally, spine we can respect: Aldermen stand up like actual progressives against Police Academy

Aldermen Carlos Ramirez-Rosa and David Moore respect themselves and stand straight up against Mayor’s gang

In previous posts Time WILL tell: Revolution in Chicago Politics or Revolution in the Streets, Take Your Pick Pols… and Letter to ‘progressive’ candidates for alderman or stop wasting our time repeating failure cycle, I have written about the phony jellyfish-like nature of the progressive caucus. Regardless of what aldermanic names were there as an example, the entire progressive caucus has been one spineless bunch.

Progressive in the progressive caucus’ case has only been a political marketing device. No matter how many ‘hip’ centrists run to adore the progressive caucus, actions and mathematics say otherwise, there has been nothing progressive about the progressive caucus.

Until now.

You might have read Emanuel abruptly ends council meeting amid fight over police academy and Why did Carlos Ramirez-Rosa get kicked out of the City Council’s Latino Caucus? where Rosa and Moore stood up like independent adults against the Mayor’s gang.

I thank them. I applaud them. I stand with them while they take the hit. I make one more request:

Don’t sell out for more comfortable environs now. Finish what you started. Yes, it’s a hot seat and it’s gonna get hotter.

What matter’s more, a $95 million albatross to corrupt rule and inequity, or the people who elected you?

Keep moving forward. Self-respect would have it no other way.


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Disillusioned with ruling class choices yet?

Stop voting for billionaire’s choices, disengagement will be painful but necessary if you expect better results

The Democratic Party and certainly not the Republican Party, are not your friends. Their relationship with you is narcissistic at best. Like any bad or abusive habit/relationship, it’s gonna hurt when you make the break. Be realistic, stop looking for a painless breakup.

If the people don’t abandon the ruling parties, a people-representative political party and government will never happen. I thank God I am old enough now to see this circus always has the same destination. I hope you stop being fooled sooner in life than I did.


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Letter to ‘progressive’ candidates for alderman or stop wasting our time repeating failure cycle

Weak and bloodless ‘negotiation’ reduces aldermanic relevance to flower pots and street closings

I really hate to seemingly throw Carlos Ramirez-Rosa and Susan Sadlowski Garza under a bus, but this needs to be said. I am sure they have the best hearts and mean well. I am not in their wards but I supported their elections wholehearted and had great hopes. If we don’t criticize our own though, we doom ourselves to continued failure.

Right now Rahm Emanuel has reduced the progressive caucus to mush.

They should have seen it coming and been prepared for the threat. I’m sure it happens to every new alderman their first year. Or maybe they knew it was coming and chose to be small-minded. Yes, aldermen represent their ward but they also represent the entirety of Chicago. I’m not in their head. I can’t speak to their thinking but I know their actions.

Don’t vote that way, don’t do that or the whole corrupt City Council will never vote for anything in your ward

If you are fortunate enough to get elected to City Council on a progressive platform, it will happen to you. It happened to Carlos Ramirez-Rosa and Susan Sadlowski Garza on June 22, 2016. And by inept 46th Ward Alderman Cappleman of all people. It doesn’t get any more non-progressive than that…

Read this excellent article by Ryne Poelker here: How the Progressive Caucus passed a bad TIF

Being pro-LGBTQ and liking teachers isn’t enough to be a real leader. Emanuel and Cappleman are pro-LGBTQ and like teachers; they are the pinnacle in billion dollar corruption…

If you don’t enter City Council knowing you are entering a pit of vipers… If you want to be alderman so you can be buddies with your co-workers… If you think you’re the first one to believe making the essential compromises and deal-making is what’s missing in City Hall…

Well, reconsider your naivete and don’t neuter your position forever…


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