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Election Chicago 5000 Group Members Goal

Too many are being left outside Chicago gov’t

The stakes are high and the status quo is formidable. Power and money is entrenched but as the saying goes, there are more of us than them. I work every day and night trying my best to patch up the damage caused by our corrupt and inequitable ‘leaders’ in Chicago. You do what you can, in some cases it’s significant, but it is a cat and mouse game.

To truly help our City, we need new leadership. Last night, I was at a Chicago Tiny House fundraiser and Alan Mills, Executive Director of the Uptown People’s Law Center, the keynote speaker, made an important point, the City chooses to do what it does.

The corruption and inequity, along with the millions affected by it, is a choice made on purpose. It’s no accident. They know what they are doing.

The people need to make a choice too

I’ve had some experience organizing. Yes, I’m an IT person, a keyboard warrior. But more so, my goal and I hope yours, is boots on the ground voting out our horrible leaders. As a founder of Uptown Tent City and Uptown Outside, and in my mission business day ‘job’ that primarily exists to fund our homeless shelter, I have seen a lot of the problems Chicago leadership causes.

This is about so much more than homelessness however. In my opinion homelessness is one of the canaries in our coal mine. You can see there are big problems, it is indicative of many other issues. The list is extensive.

By no means an expert, but I have learned we need a balance of activities. All of them should culminate in a more permanent effect. In this case, I propose our major goal should be electing a new Mayor and as many aldermen as we can, ultimately ripping and replacing the whole rotten system. We need leaders committed to a new way of doing things.

We need numbers and diversity

To get to our major goal, we need to hit minor goals, the 1st measurement I am proposing is 5000 members in the Election Chicago Facebook Group. We need everyone from everywhere. We need participation. I would ask you consider for a start, the following.

  • Add your friends to the Election Chicago Facebook Group. We have over 1000 currently, if everyone adds 5 or even better 50, we will hit our 1st goal.
  • Invite your friends to ‘like’ the Election Chicago Facebook Page
  • Consider starting a website for your ward, in the vein of what I have done for Election 46. It is possible. I may be able to extend hosting/technical help and advice.
  • South – West – North – East, we need everyone from everywhere. I may be from Uptown along with many of my experiences, but this is about Chicago. We need your help to fill this out.

With -your- help, we can succeed at electing a new mayor and aldermen


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Signs of a whole lot of corruption

June 28, 2017 – The former CPS Graeme Stewart School, in Uptown at 4525 N Kenmore Ave with its original community insensitive luxury loft development sign

July 21, 2017 – The new Stewart School Lofts with it’s wonderfully community sensitive sign

So many things wrong with these pictures

There should be a Facebook challenge ‘How many things wrong can you find in these pictures?’ Truly, the things that are in view, out of view, in the recent years of community history, in City Council, in Rahm Emanuel’s and Alderman Cappleman’s offices, on the web, on TV, in protests and marches, in real estate offices and who knows where else… If you want to get the tiniest tip of this iceberg, see this Chicago Reader article ‘A shuttered Chicago public school promoted as ‘best in the class’ upscale apartments is a big fail‘.

Near the end of the article:

There’s a sort of happy ending to the Twitter exchange. Cappleman finally agreed with Wozniak that the sign is “insensitive to the many students and teachers from [Stewart]” and said he’d ask to “have it changed.”

Later, Cappleman tweeted that the sign had been taken down. Briefly true, but not for long.

As you see on the 2nd sign, near the top of this post, that stands to this day, they removed the words ‘BEST IN CLASS’ and updated the year to 2018. Geesh.

This may seem like an Uptown post, but it’s not

This is Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s City government. Every ward has a story like this one, which you haven’t heard 10% of yet. The Corruption and quite frankly the abusive insensitive rot is from the top, all the way on down to the very bottom. Even the so called ‘progressive’ caucus members have long succumbed in the current election cycle to the threats of the Mayor and other alderman to vote their way or everything they want for their ward will be voted down. Now all aldermen vote mostly in line with the Mayor’s wishes.

Here’s the real sign hanging at City Hall if you look close enough:

Don’t bug us while we rob you blind of EVERYTHING! Your education, your health, your homes, your work, your money, your retirement, your…

There might be a difference of style between Rahm Emanual with his aldermen like Cappleman, vs. Rauner and Trump, but there is no daylight between their real actions, it’s fact.

I’ll start dissecting the many unethical and illegal things that happened with Stewart School in future posts, stay tuned.


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