Some Primary Rules of Political Negotiation

Politics and Government IS Business

Matthew 10:16 NIV
I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

Wow, the day after JB Pritzker wins the Democratic Party ordained nomination for Illinois Governor, how ‘progressive’ Democrats line up to give it up and hail the new boss in town, meanwhile, getting nothing in return.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m criticizing people I greatly respect and stand with generally. People with excellent ideas, speaking platforms and followers. However, no wonder the progressive movement dies a thousand deaths…

We speak out against corruption and the big money takeover of our political processes by multi-millionaires and billionaires, and then we cozy up to them to ‘win’, like what… like we think we are dealing with honorable people because now we are on their side?

Please wake up Chicago

People just don’t seem to get who they are dealing with. No one made millions or billions of dollars or protected inheritances of size by being nice fair people. This is a fact.

Sad, for decades I have worked in corporate America, frequently close to the CEOs or equity management structure. Stop believing marketing or public relations material. Politician images are nothing but manufactured projections. They are not real. If you are dealing with successful multi-million/billionaires, you ARE dealing with sharks!

Personally, I think the anti-government swell is bigger than they are and if the people ever got their act together and acted cohesively, a 3rd party would decimate their corrupt structure in one election cycle. Over half the Democratic Party primary voters did not vote for JB Pritzker, and beyond that roughly 75% of the rest of the voters didn’t bother or voted Republican.

Pritzker and Rauner as well, are at the disadvantage here if we don’t give it up for nothing.

Be open to talks, fine

But pretend you’re a business person for a minute, and don’t give it up before the negotiation has even begun. And with nearly 230 days until the General Election, there is plenty of time for a credible 3rd party candidate to surface. The people hold the cards here, unless of course, you fold without playing.

Demand an ENFORCEABLE commitment to a specific progressive agenda IF you are to support JB Pritzker, don’t just jump in the billionaire boat, geez… Or better yet, BISS for 3rd party if he hasn’t capitulated yet…


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Did your alderman appeal their own corrupt taxes & endorse crooked Berrios?

Find out here and share what you learn

Look up their property tax history here: Cook County Property Tax Portal

My alderman did. 46th Ward Alderman Cappleman knew the property tax system was broken & rigged by the crooked Berrios, but instead of doing something about it, like paid public representatives should, he just appealed his own taxes & the heck with everyone else.

Of course he also endorsed Berrios.

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Countdown to nearest election in site sidebar

The 1st of a number of election tools that will be added to this web site. These tools should make it easier than calculating, jumping on Google or keeping link bookmarks current. Just remember and you’ll be set.

Update: The next Election Countdown Sidebar has been expanded into a companion page, with the next 4 Election Dates and Countdown Timer, good for mobile too! Available from the Menu Bar > Campaign Sites & Tools > Election Tools > Chicago Election Dates and Timers, or direct link:


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Election Chicago 5000 Group Members Goal

Too many are being left outside Chicago gov’t

The stakes are high and the status quo is formidable. Power and money is entrenched but as the saying goes, there are more of us than them. I work every day and night trying my best to patch up the damage caused by our corrupt and inequitable ‘leaders’ in Chicago. You do what you can, in some cases it’s significant, but it is a cat and mouse game.

To truly help our City, we need new leadership. Last night, I was at a Chicago Tiny House fundraiser and Alan Mills, Executive Director of the Uptown People’s Law Center, the keynote speaker, made an important point, the City chooses to do what it does.

The corruption and inequity, along with the millions affected by it, is a choice made on purpose. It’s no accident. They know what they are doing.

The people need to make a choice too

I’ve had some experience organizing. Yes, I’m an IT person, a keyboard warrior. But more so, my goal and I hope yours, is boots on the ground voting out our horrible leaders. As a founder of Uptown Tent City and Uptown Outside, and in my mission business day ‘job’ that primarily exists to fund our homeless shelter, I have seen a lot of the problems Chicago leadership causes.

This is about so much more than homelessness however. In my opinion homelessness is one of the canaries in our coal mine. You can see there are big problems, it is indicative of many other issues. The list is extensive.

By no means an expert, but I have learned we need a balance of activities. All of them should culminate in a more permanent effect. In this case, I propose our major goal should be electing a new Mayor and as many aldermen as we can, ultimately ripping and replacing the whole rotten system. We need leaders committed to a new way of doing things.

We need numbers and diversity

To get to our major goal, we need to hit minor goals, the 1st measurement I am proposing is 5000 members in the Election Chicago Facebook Group. We need everyone from everywhere. We need participation. I would ask you consider for a start, the following.

  • Add your friends to the Election Chicago Facebook Group. We have over 1000 currently, if everyone adds 5 or even better 50, we will hit our 1st goal.
  • Invite your friends to ‘like’ the Election Chicago Facebook Page
  • Consider starting a website for your ward, in the vein of what I have done for Election 46. It is possible. I may be able to extend hosting/technical help and advice.
  • South – West – North – East, we need everyone from everywhere. I may be from Uptown along with many of my experiences, but this is about Chicago. We need your help to fill this out.

With -your- help, we can succeed at electing a new mayor and aldermen


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